Frequently asked questions

Common questions

What do I need to bring?

We send our clients a comprehensive checklist well before arrival, but essentially you require your clothes, firearms, weapons license, ammunition, camera, alcohol and any snack items you like.

How much ammunition should I bring?

Generally speaking 80 rounds per person is sufficient but I suggest 100 rounds to be safe.

What calibre should I bring?

This topic is like talking politics and religion at the same time! Of course it comes down to an individuals ability with shot placement,however my personal suggestion is .270 Win as a minimum. Please let us know what calibre you are considering and we will advise if it is appropriate, or not.

Do you supply alcohol?

No. You must provide your own drinks and if you get your order to us early enough we can generally get it to the camp before your arrival to save you the hassle. Please note once an alcoholic drink has been consumed on any given day that is the end of hunting activities for that day.

What ype of clothes should I wear?

Of course it is personal preference but consider clothing that is made for high 30 degree temperatures, and quick drying. Boot gators are a must and I recommend a sturdier canvas type. Make sure your boots are thoroughly worn in before arrival, and may I suggest you look into bamboo socks as wool and wool blends are way too hot.

Will I be required to demonstrate my marksmanship?

Yes you will. Each hunter will be required to group 3 x shots within 2 M.O.A at 75 metres. Bowhunters must be able to demonstrate 3 x simulated kill shots at 30 metres.

Are Bowhunters welcome?

Absolutely! We love guiding Bowhunters.

I am from outside Australia, can I still come as an international visitor?

Yes you can, in fact many of our clients are international visitors. All we require is your equivalency of a firearms/weapons license from your home country.

Can people under the age of 18 years visit as a hunter?

Yes, providing they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who holds a current weapons license.

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