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"Hunt & Fish remote Cape York"


Kendall River Station is located north west of Cairns and south of Weipa in Cape York, far north Queensland, Australia. It is a 9 hour, 680 kilometre drive (approximately) from Cairns with half of that being on dirt roads, or the mail plane lands on our doorstep, from Cairns, every Tuesday.


Arguably one of the most remote hunting destinations in Australia, Kendall River Station runs approximately 100 kms x 50 kms  (800,000 acres). We are where the road ends.


It is dissected by four major water courses, the Archer River, Running Creek, Kendall River and the Holroyd River.

It has a bounty of other significant water courses, swamps and creeks, including Sinclair Creek, Williams Creek and the Kirke River.


There are tremendous numbers of pigs, big boars and plenty of fish (Barramundi, Saratoga, Sooty Grunter, Tarpon) along with the usual army of Dingoes, Brumbies, Scrub Bulls typical for this part of the world. We do have a lot of both freshwater and saltwater crocodiles in our water ways.



Ready to tackle one of the worlds most remote landscapes, Cape York? This wild piece of country is one of planet Earth's last frontiers. It has an unrivalled ability to break both man and machine.

Cape York is stunningly beautiful and inhospitable all at the same time. The landscapes, sun rises and sunsets are breath taking. The wildlife is truly amazing and provides an experience unlike no other. At Kendall River station, when you think you have reached the middle of nowhere, you're only half way there. The remoteness provides you with a sense that simply cannot be described, you simply have to experience it for yourself, you can be fooled into thinking you are the last human left on the planet. Words simply cannot do the place justice, you simply must see it, live it and experience it for yourself before you can understand "The Cape".


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